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Transfer Tokens

Once connected to the Evmos network, you can use your wallet to transfer tokens peer-to-peer without the need for a bank or an intermediary payment service. This gives you full ownership of your assets but also full responsibility for safekeeping your passwords.

Using either your wallet directly or connecting it to a dApp like the Evmos Assets page, gives you access to view your token balances, transfer tokens on the Evmos network, or deposit & withdraw tokens from & to other blockchain networks.

View Balances

You can view the balances of all your crypto assets on Evmos, both the native EVMOS token and assets that have been created on or sent to the Evmos network from other blockchains. The balance of an asset is described by the number of tokens and the equivalent value in $USD.

Like any other currency, crypto assets can be used as a storage of value or a medium of exchange. Only if an asset is traded on an exchange, its price can be determined by demand and supply against other assets. The native EVMOS token provides additional utility on Evmos as it is used to secure the network through staking, vote on governance proposals, and pay for gas.

On Evmos, assets can be represented as different types of tokens (e.g. Cosmos IBC Coins or EVM ERC20 tokens). We believe, however, that unless you are a developer, you don't need to be concerned with the underlying representation of a token. You just use the asset name and the Evmos network performs conversions between representations automatically.

Evmos Assets page

Onramp to Evmos

Onramping to Evmos (obtaining EVMOS tokens) is required to start using Evmos as you need a small amount of "gas" to transfer assets or interact with dApps. This prevents users from spamming the network for free and paid gas is used to reward developers.

Here are some examples of how to onramp to Evmos:

  • Use a decentralized exchange like Osmosis
  • Ask a friend to transfer you EVMOS
  • Use services that allow you to exchange fiat currencies (e.g. $USD) for cryptocurrencies, (e.g. C14)

Send Assets on the same Chain

Sending and receiving Assets from one account on Evmos to another account on Evmos can be done directly through your wallet (e.g. Keplr/Metamask). To send assets you will have to provide the address of the receiving account, either in its Ethereum (e.g. 0x47EeB2eac350E1923b8CBDfA4396A077b36E62a0) or Cosmos format (e.g. evmos1glht96kr2rseywuvhhay894qw7ekuc4qg9z5nw).

Deposit and Withdraw Assets across Chains

Depositing assets from another blockchain to Evmos or withdrawing assets from Evmos to another blockchain is possible using the Evmos Evmos Assets page. This is useful, for example to onramp to Evmos or offramp Evmos into fiat currency.