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BUIDL on Evmos: Testnet Guide

Welcome builders! We are excited to have you build on Evmos. This guide will provide an overview of the available resources, infrastructure, and socials to get you running. This guide will be updated frequently to reflect the latest and greatest on Evmos.


To find the latest and greatest, head over to our developer docs.

EVM extensions

The Evmos Core Team is continually improving and adding new features to our Extensions. For the latest ABI, examples, and features, head over to this repo.

Here at the Academy, Evmos will continue to create articles on each EVM Extensions feature release. The current ones available are all located here

Networks and API

For the latest Networks for testnet whereby builders can find out information about pruned and archival nodes.

Testnet API endpoints, powered by Swagger.


Evmos supports a wide gamut of wallets. To see the latest head over here. However, we recommend using Metamask, Keplr, WalletConnect, and Ledger.


If you are using Keplr for Testnet, and need to add Testnet configuration to the wallet, head over here and click on the Add Configuration to Testnet.

Testnet tokens can be obtained from our faucet, located here. The faucet will emit 0.1 tEVMOS every 12 hours. If your project needs more than the faucet, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Telegram Builders Channel or as one of our testnet validators on Discord validators-testnet under Validator Station section can help out.

Block explorers

  • Escan supports both EVM and Cosmos transactions. Note that this testnet block explorer does not have complete historical state. This block explorer supports contract verification permissionlessly.
  • Mintscan supports both EVM and Cosmos transactions. The depth of EVM data is not as extensive as Escan but Mintscan has historical dataset to query. The search bar will only support Cosmos transaction hashes.

Client library

The official support client library is EvmosJS. Users will also need EthersJS or web3 to interact with contract and building a full-stack app.

If you need seek to integrate a wallet with EvmosJS, then this guide can guide the implementation.


Evmos has a wide array of indexers to choose from and for the latest, please head over here.


A list of latest oracles are here.

Evmos modules

The Evmos blockchain contains homegrown modules and more details can be found here alongside ones from the Cosmos SDK.

A list of our Ethereum JSON-RPC can be found here.

Stay connected

Evmos is always here to help. The community and the Core Team can easily be reached here:


We hope this guide has been helpful. Please share this guide with anyone. If we are missing anything, please feel free to contribute or reach out and we will add to this guide. Happy building!

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