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Evmos Network Governance

Governance is the process of interaction and decision-making among the stakeholders of a given system or organization. It is also the way rules, norms and actions are structured, sustained, regulated and upheld.

Truly Decentralized, Community Governed Network

The Evmos network, like other Cosmos-based chains, utilizes on-chain governance for all protocol level execution of proposals via the gov module included in the Cosmos SDK. This gives the community full control of the network, including complex parameter changes, distribution changes, treasury pool spending, and even upgrades to the network. Anyone who holds or stakes EVMOS can participate in these votes, regardless of the voter's validator choices. Immense power is given to the community to govern and dictate the future of the chain.

Limitations and Shortcomings

While the governance module in Cosmos SDK is sufficient for on-chain governance, there are limitations and shortcomings of the module that make it difficult to conduct off-chain governance - a crucial component for a DAO to be able to operate efficiently. Furthermore, the Cosmos ecosystem is lacking the innovative DAO management toolings that EVM-based DAOs have at their disposal. We hope to bridge the growing gap in innovations and tools between Ethereum and Cosmos with the deployment of interoperable tools onto our EVM, opening up a new world of tools for IBC chains.

Governance Overview

Evmos has an on-chain governance mechanism for passing text proposals, changing chain parameters, and spending funds from the community pool.

On- and off-chain Governance Structure


Note: Working on a governance proposal? Make sure to look at the best practices.

Communication Methods

Governance practices and decisions are communicated through different types of documents and design artifacts:

  • On-chain governance proposals
  • Architecture Decision records
  • Technical standards / specifications

Decision-making and Discussion Venues

Venues involve community members to different degrees and individuals often perform multiple roles in the Cosmos ecosystem (validators, users, developers and core-members of Evmos Team). Because technical direction setting and development is almost always happening in the open, involvement from members in the extended community occurs organically.

  • Evmos Discord
    • For ecosystem cross-pollination with an active developer presence.
    • 🏛│governance channel for discussing proposals, upgrades, etc.
    • 📜│proposals channel for a full list of proposals.
    • ⏫│upgrades channel for upcoming software upgrades.
  • Commonwealth
    • All-in-one platform to discuss, vote, and fund projects together
    • Evmos proposals list
  • Telegram (@EvmosOrg)
    • General Evmos Telegram group
  • Twitter (@EvmosOrg)
    • Official Evmos Twitter