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Frequently Asked Questions


Which wallet would you recommend for Evmos?

There are many wallets to select from but the top wallets with the widest support are Metamask and Keplr. Evmos is an EVM chain built on top of the Cosmos SDK and Metamask does not support non EVM-specific assets while Keplr wallet does. Keplr wallet will soon support ERC-20.

Can I use my Ledger device?

Absolutely! Take a look at the Ledger for more information. Metamask, Keplr, and WalletConnect all work with Ledger. Ledger setup will be required before engaging with the dApps and products on Evmos.

For certain wallets, I see both bech32 and hex while others only show hex formatted addresses, which should I use?

The Evmos network supports both formats: bech32 and hex. Other EVM peers and its ecosystem uses hex encoding while Cosmos-native uses bech32 formatted addresses. Keplr is unique and the EVM-compatible chains shows both formats. If you are sending tokens (via IBC), you will use bech32 formatted addresses unless the receiving chain support EVM (i.e. Ethermint-based chains). You can further details here.


Where can I acquire EVMOS token?

There are several paths users can take to acquire EVMOS Token.