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Getting Started

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What is Evmos?

Evmos is the blockchain network, that lets you use a new generation of applications, built by developers across the world. Using and building on the network is permissionless so it doesn't require any authorization and you can get started right now.

We believe that you shouldn't be constrained to interacting with applications on only one blockchain. This creates a bad user experience forcing you to reconnect to new networks and transfer currencies between different blockchains. Instead, you should be able to seamlessly use applications, regardless of where they are built.

That's why at Evmos we enable developers to create applications "cross-chain". These are built once and are accessible from across multiple chains. As a result, you can seamlessly interact with applications on Evmos, without having to know what underlying blockchain they are built on.

What are dApps?

Evmos hosts a rich ecosystem of decentralized applications (dApps), that are disrupting traditional ideas from finance, creative ownership, gaming, governance, and more. A dApp is called "decentralized", as it doesn't rely on a centralized entity and instead gives back ownership to the community.

A dApp's core business logic is implemented through smart contracts. These contracts execute code over a decentralized network (Evmos) that is publicly visible. A centralized application (e.g. Airbnb) instead executes code in a privately regulated environment such as the application’s own servers.

What can you do on Evmos?

Once connected to the Evmos network, you can send money peer-to-peer without the need for banks or payment services or interact with cross-chain dApps.

Evmos dApp - Assets

Alongside the applications built by the developer community, the Evmos Core Development Team also builds its own dApps. Here are some examples:

  • Assets - View, withdraw, and deposit cross-chain tokens like a bank account
  • Staking - Help keep the network stable, by staking your tokens and earning a daily interest on your stake.
  • Governance - Evmos is known for hosting one of the most active governance in the blockchain space.

To get started, read about how to connect your wallet, transfer tokens and interact with dApps in the following sections. If you want to start building cross-chain applications on Evmos, head over to the development section.